Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sloths Move Faster

Here we are watching our economy tank. The government voted us a bailout plan a week ago. One week later, nothing has been accomplished. The number of issues that still need to be worked out are staggering. I just listened to a Fox Special on the economy and the only positive thing I heard was no decisions have been made on how to implement this plan. I still haven't figured out how they can call it a plan, when they don't know what they are doing.
They still need to put together a team, set up an office, set up a priority list of attack and then develop a plan of attack. Let's see, we are talking about the federal government, is three months to a year a reasonable allowance of time for this activity? We are talking government....... Will there be anything left to save?
By the time this government bailout hits the street, the market will have purged and started to correct itself. Will the new cash infusing program that comes from this start to over exaggerate the market and set us up for another major fall?

If you believe the bailout was the right thing or not, the speed of government action may ultimately make matters worse. Perhaps more appropriately, the lack of speed of government action will allow matters to get worse and then how will it keep the markets from getting over confident and cause a rebound? This problem is only getting more complicated and complex as anything the government gets involved in does.

Get ready for a rough ride, because no one knows how this is going to play out.

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