Monday, October 13, 2008

Switching To Save Energy

I don't know how many of you have tried to do a minor renovation and needed or wanted a light switch to be somewhere else. It usually involves cutting more holes and moving wiring to the designated place. The additional wiring and installation runs up the cost as well as the damage it may leave behind.
What if you can put that switch where you want it with no wires? There are some great remote switches especially when it comes to ceiling fans, which are quite popular. The draw back is they need batteries and you aren't interested in filling the land fill with more dead batteries.
Well there is good news for everyone with the invention of the Self-Powered Light Switch. It allows the simple act of flipping the switch to generate all the power it needs to either turn off or on the light. No more dead batteries when you really needed light.
This would be fantastic for multiple applications. Historic homes, new construction and old as well as for safety. Historic homes can have the most minimal renewal footprint because they wont have to channel out walls for switch wires. They can literally peal and stick to existing walls.
New construction could save miles of copper wire by no longer running all those lengths for switches. This is environmentally friendly for the earth and my wallet.

The current cost of these may be high but new technology will eventually be price neutral.

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