Monday, October 20, 2008

What Is He Thinking

The Headline:
Obama to name CO2 as pollutant

It will soon be against the law to breath. Humans take in Oxygen and exhale Carbon DiOxide. All mammals process oxygen to CO2 in the same way. The counter measure to this constant flow of CO2 is plants. Plants need CO2 just like we need oxygen.
Plants take in CO2 and release oxygen. Different plants have different processing demands for CO2. Choosing to plant and maintain crops removes vast sums of CO2 from the air.

I'm not going to go into the vast problems with the theory of Global Warming. I wont bother to point out the many articles that show the temperature is now falling. I wont bother to point out the many times in the fossil record that the planet has heated and cooled without mans intervention. I wont bother to point out that Mars has had similar temperature patterns to earth without mans intervention.

One day you may wake up with a government required CO2 meter hooked to your body and a tax bill for your out put.

Just another reason that Obama is not the right choice for America.

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