Friday, November 14, 2008

The First to Fall

It looks like Pawlenty is going to be the first of our republican party to face the anger of the people. Everyone seemed so high on him while I find him less than acceptable. His middle of the road political position does not fit what we the people want in politics and it is time for us to stand up and tell him and the others who follow similar ideals.
I don't want a watered down conservative (or RINO) leading the charge for the next presidential election. As an independant some would suggest that I don't have a say in the republican party. Let me make it known to you that the reason we have so many independants in the first place is because the republican party left us. You want to gain the upper hand and win elections then you better put asside your centrist ideals and start moving back to the people.
Sarah Palin gives me high hopes for the future of the Republican party. Let us not kill it completely by putting moderates like Pawlenty on the stage as representative of we the people.

Pawlenty Raises 'Moderate' Flag At Republican Governors Conference

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