Monday, November 24, 2008

Sniper Finder

Some new technology is out. It allows our troops to properly respond to incoming fire, take cover and return fire on target. I will admit that this is a great piece of technology but a shot had to be fired for it to work. A person may be hit and a life may be lost. The only satisfaction will come knowing you can accurately return fire and kill the aggressor.

Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan to get life saving anti-sniper device

British and American forces fighting the guerrilla insurgence in Iraq and Afghanistan could soon be protected by an anti-sniper device that can pinpoint the position of the shooter within a fraction of a second.
The palm-sized device designed by Qinetiq, the British defense firm that was once the government research laboratories, is pinned to the uniform and uses acoustic technology to calculate the exact position of the rifle fire.
Then a electronic voice passes on the "bearing and range" to the soldier allowing him to jump to safety and return fire.

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