Thursday, November 06, 2008

There Is Plenty of Work To Be Done

Hopefully, you have worked through the anger, frustration and pain or our last election. Now is the time to contemplate what happened and how do we keep the country. BO expounded on all kinds of socialistic policies and failed European programs. What is the likely hood he can successfully promote them here? What can we do?
The first consideration should be how BO sees his new power as president. If he sees his win as a mandate to force his policies then he will move quickly to try and get congress to enact legislation. If he sees his policies as political pronouncements simply to foist him into the office, he will focus on power retention and pick and choose those who would offer the most votes. This focus would be on making sure he has a second term. This focus would be advantageous to “we the people”.
I have many times pointed to the fact that politicians are power hungry and retaining office and the power that comes with it is far more important than ideology and policy. This hunger/greed of power allows “we the people” to have a say. This takes organization and personal effort to get their attention.
Let me lay out what I see and where we are going.
When BO enters office we are going to be in a horrible recession. The very fact that he was elected is going to greatly affect all avenues of wealth and money. The wealthy will divest in assets further depressing the market and reducing jobs. With the specter of increased taxes companies will start holding back on expansion plans to retain cash to deal with these changes. Companies for the most part have cut back dramatically in all areas because of increased energy costs. Now energy has gone down but the new uncertainty in the political realm will keep this money stagnate. This stagnation will keep employment down. This tightening up of money by the “haves” will make the “have not’s” lives more difficult.
This cash crunch will make it very difficult for BO to enact many of his policies. Raising taxes to try and boost funds for these policies will further depress the market and actually reduce federal income. The situation may force him to retain the current tax policy. I know it will cause him great pain but there will be little choice. His next problem is his window of opportunity is very small.
The political contest period has been expanded to more than a year. There are many in congress that will be coming up for re-election in 2010. They won’t want to do anything to upset their constituents during this period. This will give BO about 250 days to make his changes. We need to make sure that our letters and emails will be there to remind these congressmen that we are watching. This will keep the window of opportunity very tight. It will also make the chances of major changes of the government and BO very small.
The key is our input as citizens. We need to write letters and keep our representatives on a short leash. They need to feel closely watched. This will force them to carefully weigh every decision.
While doing this we need to find and field candidates that are truly conservative. We need to help them get the word out and promote their candidacy. We also need to help them financially.
Our nation is at risk. We are in the most difficult situation of our nation and it will take a full effort of all those who hold this nation dear. I will be using all my avenues to Save Our Nation. Will you join me and use all yours?
I’m starting with prayer. Our founding fathers started there and look what they were capable of doing.

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Anonymous JMB said...

I like this idea of reduced federal income, maybe this could be a starting point.

To Big to fail, means that you are now to big to plow your own field, which means that all those around you must now surrender their own fruits, for your labor.

11:13 AM, November 12, 2008  

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