Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Are :They Watching You?

One of the newest ploys comes in the form of road taxes. They would like to install a GPS system in every car. The goal they say is to tax people proportionately to the amount of driving they do and where they do it. They even are focusing on when they do it. Driving during heavy congestion could cost you more.
The basic plan says that those who use the congested roads should pay more for the pollution and congestion that their presence cause. The problem is that the GPS system doesn't end here. If it can report where you are and what you are doing during rush hour, what about all the other times of the day. There is no where on the planet that you can go that they won't know where you are or where you may be.

Is this the freedom that was granted us by our fore fathers?

Not only is the government looking for a new method of taxing us, but it is investing heavily in controlling us as well. They will know everywhere you have been and how fast or slow you got there. They can set rates and monitor your every motion. Popular streets could be great revenue builders and unpopular streets could also be great revenue builders. Looks like any street and the right mix of BS could be a revenue earner for the Government.

This system is a direct attack on freedom and a method to further rob the people of their hard earned money. A system focused on freedom would look totally different.

If you want to reduce congestion create incentives for employers to vary their start and stop times. Reducing your cooperate tax rate if your employees can work from home or come in on off peak hours will decrease congestion and distribute the flow over more hours of the day. The bulk of business hours are 7am to 6pm. Encouraging business to work off these hours with tax incentives would be a great start. Targeting start and stop times away from 7am to 9am would greatly reduce congestion and pollution.

These types of incentives would encourage the freedom of choice. The Big Brother effect would not be felt under this type of system. If someone is thinking about congestion taxing suggest creating incentives such as I outlined above. As long as they continue to embrace only one solution our freedoms are in jeopardy.

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