Friday, December 05, 2008

It Is All Up to Us Now

Across this nation people are starting to believe the liberal media. They are starting to believe conservative values are dead and liberal values are to be embraced.

It is high time conservatives stand up and demand representation. The media labeled GW as a conservative to further their cause. He is a centralist with a couple conservative leanings. His one world government focus, war policies and amnesty dreams with the media labeling him a conservative has done almost irreparable damage to our nation. Many conservatives have been questioning their positions. If GW is a conservative how can I.....

True conservatives and true conservative values clearly stand out. All we need is a few with the guts to run. We need to clearly define and hold fast to conservative values. The media is going to continue to peddle their anti-conservative agenda and we must counter it with person to person activism. When you clearly state what conservatives believe you will see a lot of head nodding. We haven’t lost our way only our voice.
If we want to take America back and restore family values and conservative thinking we are going to have to promote it. Sitting back and waiting for someone else to do the work isn’t going to cut it. All the modern forms of mass communication are pretty much owned by the liberals. You would be hard pressed to find a TV program that doesn’t promote liberal values or cut conservative ones. The news papers devote the bulk of their print to tearing down the family and the conservative value system. The Music Industry promotes violence, hate and personal pleasure. The only thing we got going is conservative radio and it is being attacked as I write. Half the churches in America are afraid to preach from the bible out of fear of government intrusion and lawsuits.
It is going to take individual efforts to restore America and return confidence back to conservative values. Start with the people you are around every day. The bandwagon approach is usually a good tool to open conversation and remove conflict. Go and read THE PLATFORM OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and start incorporating it into your daily discussions. Start waking America to what unites us and begin restoring We The People.

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