Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow is Falling

It is kinda strange having snow on the ground this time of year. Before you think I am crazy, I live in the northwest where a good deal of the winter is rain. We don't usually get any snow till late January.
I am not much of a snow fan. I lived in Colorado for a number of years and enjoyed a lot of snow. Maybe enjoy isn't the operative word here. Let's say I shoveled many driveways and dug out many homes. I got my fill of snow early. I have no interest in ever shoveling another flake of snow. I could move farther south, but I don't like the heat much either.
Here in the Western Regions of the Pacific Northwest we have lush tropical valleys with misty rains and lots of vegetation. We don't see the suns full glow more than a hundred days a year and we average only 4-5 days with measurable snow.
This year we have over an inch of snowfall before Christmas. It is very strange with Global Warming and all. With the way Al Gore has been talking, I shouldn't have even seen a flake this year. Yet here I am shoveling off the driveway and getting ready for another storm to come rolling in.

Merry Christmas Everyone. Looks like even I will have a white Christmas this year.

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