Friday, January 09, 2009

Are You Ready?

David Limbaugh's new article brings many issues, and fears, to the front. The Obama presidency is about to kick off and there are many questions unanswered.

The best long-term solutions for our ailing economy are to restore market forces in every possible sector, reduce the crippling tax burden, and restore responsible fiscal practices to the federal government. Sadly, the incoming Obama administration plans on moving in the opposite direction in all these areas and believes it has a mandate to do so. Are conservatives asleep or just worn down?

Too many Americans have succumbed to the propaganda that the market is inherently evil and fraught with excesses fueled by "capitalistic greed" and that such systemic corruption has led to our economic woes. Only large-scale government intervention can rescue us from this pernicious system.

Under Democratic and Republican administrations alike, we have advanced ever more rapidly away from a free market environment and toward a command and control economy. Steadily we have accepted the notion that politicians should pick winners and losers based on their ideas of fairness rather than having market forces be the ultimate arbiter.

We have swallowed the fear mongering admonitions of public officials who insist that even apart from the moral question of picking winners and losers, our government must bail out "essential" segments of the economy, such as the automobile industry, lest the entire economy be doomed for extinction. Indeed, this word "essential" has proved to be an essential tool for the left in these difficult times.

True conservatives out there -- however many remain -- must not forget the ominous words of Obama's chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, who said: "Rule one: Never allow a crisis to go to waste. They are opportunities to do big things."

There is much truth in this article. I do not see things as bleakly as they are painted here. Conservatives were so enraged by some of the Bush policies that they were willing to vote for anyone who promoted “Change”. It will not be so easy in the next election cycle. The doom and gloom of the recession plus time will make them look more critically at Obama and his cabinet. He really needs to either fix the problem or make changes that show effort toward this end. I don’t think he can fix the problem because I believe everyone has the wrong answer.

The Democrat led congress will be looking at the election of 2010 and will not be as willing to slide over the abyss as many such as Mr. Limbaugh would suggest. Obama has about 200 to 250 days where congress will oblige him. He looks like he will be getting a running start given his pre-inauguration activities. I am really interested to see what his focus is and how willing congress is to follow. I am also interested in how Americans will respond to these suggestions and if they will attempt to strong arm their representatives into not going with the flow. It is going to be a big year for America and a major test of “We the People”. Given the media has fell at the feet of Obama, I don’t know if people will even know they are in a crisis by every suggestion coming out of Washington DC. Talk radio stands in opposition but that too is on the list of things to silence.

The question that has yet to be answered, is Obama looking at being a two term president? If he is, he will be more conservative and less aggressive then his liberal constituents want. He will lean in their direction but probably not move to boldly in his first term. His second term would be a major liberal turn and if he can continue to help congress stay liberal and Democrat, it will be a feast for liberalism. If Obama thinks his programs are going to save America and make him the god figure the media has portrayed him to be than we could be in deep trouble. He can be quite convincing as a speaker and holding the bully pulpit of the president will sway the weak minded. Given our educational system over the last thirty years, many will fall for his charms.

Does Obama have a god complex that his campaign tried so hard to hide? Does congress have the will to go against Obama? Will the people rise up against some of the Anti-American policies being suggested? Will the recession encourage Obama to make major liberal shifts or suggest a waiting period? When will the dream bubble pop and working to solve real problems in America, bringing this nation together?

These are the tough questions that need an answer. In just ten days these answers will start to be revealed. I don’t know if I am ready.

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