Friday, February 13, 2009

Letter To My Congressman

I am so disappointed that you chose to vote for this vast spending bill. It has always been true that the government does not create jobs as the private sector does. You see, whenever the government creates a job it takes money from others who would have created far more jobs at less cost. How could this be?

You see the government is an organization of many hands. Each hand takes a small token from the pot as it passes by. The taxing authority assesses a tax and then collects it. This effort is at a cost reducing what has been taken. The accounting office records the income and takes a share for the effort. We then have the various bodies of distribution and decision. The list goes on and on before a single job is made. While vast sums of money have already been filtered off to pay for the vast bureaucracy that it took to create this job.

The public sector on the other hand can create a job on a whim or an idea. It takes but a drop of the vast resources that must be brought to bare to create a government job. For that reason one government job is the absence of hundreds if not thousands of public jobs.

You have chosen to employ the fewest at the greatest cost and then call it a stimulus package. The future of the citizens of the United States have been set back by your lack of understanding of these basic facts. I truly hope you can live with the devastation of your decision and the suffering that you will witness over the next couple of years. It could have all been avoided.

Thank you for emailing me and letting me know how you voted. I will hold this email and have it ready at your next election cycle. I will happily forward it to all my friends and neighbors so they can make an informed decision when election day comes.

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Blogger RevRight said...

Bravo...well said my friend.

7:12 AM, February 16, 2009  

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