Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I and many others keep pointing out that our leaders don't know history. This failed knowledge has led to failed policies and excessive waste of the tax payers money. As proof to this fact I offer up the speech that Obama gave on Tuesday. He stated quite emphatically that America invented the Automobile. This is simply not true.
Anyone with Internet access can look this up and quickly learn that our president doesn't know history. The Automobile in the truest sense of the word was invented by a man in Germany by the name of Karl Benz. He created the first gas fired internal combustion engine self propelled vehicle in 1885. Others, even prior to him, created vehicles with steam or electric but Benz married gasoline to the automobile and gave us the future we enjoy today.
What Obama was probably stretching to remember, but suffers from fuzzy thinking, was Henry Ford's invention of the assembly line which made cars affordable and available to the masses. This was truly an American invention but the car was already on the road at the time. This small twist or revision of history gives us a glimpse of why we keep going down the same failed paths as those before us.
How does stuff this obviously wrong get into a presidential speech is also part of the story of interest. All those around him who helped him prepare his speech and polish his delivery, don't know history. The printers used to put the speech in a booklet and hand out to congress, don't know history. How many millions watched Obama give this speech and don't know history? Reading comments on various web sites furthered my proof that America is doomed to repeat history because we don't remember.
How can we save ourselves and move forward in NEW directions if we don't know history?

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