Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Sky Is Falling

Chicken Little was out today singing the doom and gloom story that has congress all in an uproar.
Obama warns of need for stimulus bill right away

We have been told that this vast spending spree will have almost no immediate effect. Less then 25% of the money is even put to use in the first year. Most of the money will take years if not a decade before it will show any benefit. How will this help with the immediate need? They are so busy arguing the plan that they have failed to see the point of the argument.
I don't think we need it, nor do I think it will help but if you are going to do it, make sure it fits the problem. You can't get immediate help out of a future solution. The longer it is debated the less it will help and the worse the economy will become.
Right now there is no reason for a business on a down hill slide to make serious changes because the government may come through with a bailout that will allow them to do business as usual. It really doesn't matter that business as usual is filled with bad ideas and failed management decisions.
We need a complete redo for most of the major businesses and financial institutions. They have lost their way. No longer do most serve the key purpose to which they were originally birthed. The small business that grew to enormity has left many of its keys to success behind. The very things that made it big and successful have been tossed on the scrape heap as old and worn out.
It is okay for a business to die and for new businesses to spring up. Everything has a life cycle and death is okay. How long can we afford the bill for life support? Our debt load is getting out of control and may soon take us all down.
Let it go.

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