Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tennesse Republicans I Salute You

I don't know if any of you caught this story but it needs to be read. It should be used as a symbol across America as people rise up and stand up instead of roll over. Here is an article that does a fantastic job of telling it the way it should be.

RINOing Republicans In Name Only

Posted by Chuck Muth
February 12, 2009 at 11:23 am

In the Catholic and Mormon churches they call it excommunication. The Amish refer to it as shunning. The Klingons call it discommendation. In each case, it’s a process by which an individual who has committed an egregious offense so serious they are literally kicked out of the organization.

In Tennessee, Republicans have invented a new term for this action: disassociation. I like “RINOing” better, but what the heck. Here’s what it’s all about…

“In November, the GOP won control of both houses of the state legislature for the first time since Reconstruction,” reports Brendan Miniter in Political Diary on February 11th. “That victory was one of the few bright spots for Republicans across the country in 2008 and seemed to set the stage for a GOP resurgence and possible capture of the governor's mansion in 2010.

“Then, on Jan. 13, the wheels started to come off.

“Republicans had rallied behind Rep. Jason Mumpower for House Speaker, and he appeared to be a lock as late as the morning of the vote, when every House Republican prayed together. When it came time to vote, however, it became clear that GOP Rep. Kent Williams had cut a secret deal with Democrats to elevate himself with unanimous support from across the aisle to the Speaker's chair.

“Mr. Williams was booed in the process, with at least one person shouting out ‘Judas,’ but he was unfazed, telling a reporter that he had ‘been booed before.’ He went ahead and organized the House chamber, splitting committee chairmanships between Democrats and Republicans.”

So what did the Tennessee Republican Party do?

Go Read The Rest.

There is hope.

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Anonymous JMB said...

Some weeks ago I heard our outgoing President, George Bush, say that there should be no litmus test for Republicans.

I think that he might have meant this...

Nothing should be construed as if it were to really matter.

We should not expect this party to have something to protect.

Nothing should ever stand in the way of those who would wish to be associated with this party.

No characteristic tendency should ever be favored, over another.

Nothing should be held up as if it were definable.

There should be nothing allowed that can be purposely used, to divide our party.

A self licking ice-cream cone would be to chilling, a responsibility.

Nothing will be unacceptable, if it dose not then remain to be self imposed.

A republican should never be expected to reach beyond his own imagination, as to what the hell it was, that might have gotten him elected in the first place.

A trusting public should never be conceived, as if this were intended to somehow limit my own will.

6:08 AM, February 19, 2009  

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