Monday, February 09, 2009

We Need A Real Stimulus Plan

The one they are currently offering will do more harm then good. We need real solutions!

You can go here and read all 12. These are real solutions to a real problem. These are American Solutions for real Americans.

We don't need more bloated government taking more money from hard working Americans. We need to give Americans back their money and allow them to invest in our future. Remember, we are in charge of America. Our constitution says that we the People have the final word. Why not give us the power to make the decision.
Tell them to get there hands off our money and our children's money and let us make the decision. When really big decisions need to be made, let those who are in charge make them not our representative.

See the plan in detail here.

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Blogger Z said...

thanks for coming by!

I'd say "remember, we WERE America"

Pelosi and Reid are in there hammering the stimulus points out with no representation from half the country..Obama belittles Hannity and Rush; This is a whole new world.

As the lefty troll at my site says "It's PAYBACK time" as if we must rule by retribution.

8:09 AM, February 11, 2009  

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