Thursday, March 19, 2009

Murtha Dishonors Our Troops

John Murtha has done everything he could to routinely and deliberately undermined the United States military, slandered servicemen serving in combat, and caused irreparable damage to our international reputation. This man is a disgrace at every level.

Knowing all that to be true, the Navy has awarded its Distinguished Public Service Award to him. He is being awarded for his service to the Navy and Marines, while he has done everything possible to break these fine men and women. He is the Chairman of Subcommittee on Defense of the House Appropriations Committee and has a hand in getting funds for our military but to lift him up when he has done so much to tear them down is more then I can bare.

Join me in signing the petition to have this award withdrawn. Go Read and sign the petition.

Murtha should be up for charges of Treason not being Awarded for anything.

Info: Guess what Murtha has been given by the Navy!



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