Monday, March 16, 2009

Pat Boone For President

I found Pat Boone's ideas to be a burst of fresh air. Go read the article found here.

As you read through it you see the simple and sound ways of restoring America and putting her back into top performance. The dream misses a few issues in regards to business taxes and creating jobs in the marketplace but all the cues are there for these policies to come into play.

You see it really isn't that hard to stop the downward spiral and restore America. The problem in political will and expediency. You see no one really wants to fix it or no one wants to make the tough choices. Our political system is all about greed and personal power. As long as there is a lot of confusion and obstacles there is room for corruption and money changers. Our founders pointed to the fact that our government in for a moral and just people and that any others would ultimately be its failure.

Can you honesty look at our government, any level, and say it is moral or just? We have liars, cheats, scoundrels, prostitutes, and thieves at almost every position. We need to be examining the content of their character as pointed out by Mr. King not so long ago. If you run with the wolves you are a wolf no matter how well you fit your sheep's clothing.

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