Friday, March 06, 2009

Steele Needs To Step Asside

Steele does not know how to capitalize on the opportunities given him.
When he was confronted by Rush being called the head of the Rep. Party, he should have said:
I would be thinking that too given the fact that the media really does give anyone on my side of the aisle a chance to speak out and bring our perspective to the table. I am glad at least one conservative voice has made its way into the conversation so that we can be heard. I want to applaud Rush for his efforts and hopefully he will join me in returning the Republican party to the place of greatness it once held.

Now if he would have said that, the republican party would have taken a huge step forward. Instead, his selfishness and pride jumped up and knocked conservatives back another couple of years.
It is time he steps down and comes back when he has grown up a little. We don't need a glass jawed leader heading the party.

Look at how often he has gaffed and torn away anything he might build. We don't need another rock star candidate competing with Obama. We need a clear difference that our conservative values demonstrate.

I have chosen to be an independent because the parties have left me. Far to often they have made decisions that go farther and farther from my conservative beliefs. The two parties have strayed so far that they now almost look like each other. They were not twins at birth. They have chosen the paths of destruction and now fight on how much destruction they can do to this country. The winning party ultimately determines the losses of the American way of life.

We need to turn these parties around and get them back to raising America up. We need leaders who will push for higher ground and build America up with every decision. Michael Steele is not the leader to do this. It is not to late to try again. Focus on the goal.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great blog you have here! It would not upset me one bit to have him step down, I didn't think he should have been nominated to begin with. I actually am an independent too. I am a conservative, but that has been severely lacking in the GOP for quite a while. It didn't surprise me that Obama got elected because McCain didn't represent conservatism either and until they get a true conservative representative the GOP is lost. Only through discussion will we find answers and that is what I try and focus on in my blog. I don't look for people to agree with me. I like when they offer ideas that I can roll around in my head. Sometime it does too much of that...but I'm not going there. :-) I've added you to my blogroll and I will be back often. It's refreshing to see ideas and opinions without that hatred and bitterness that so often clouds our vision.

1:01 PM, March 06, 2009  

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