Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why Can't They Find Them?

We are constantly being told that having 20 million illegals in this country is to large a task to remove them and we need to accept them. Congress would like nothing more then to offer them amnesty and then pat themselves on the back for solving the problem. That's right, do nothing solutions from our fearless leaders.

If they want to enact some policy to solve the problem try this: Any employer who cannot provide a valid federal ID or SS number for a claimed worker cannot deduct the wages paid. This will move this expense to the income side of the ledger and force them to pay higher taxes. It will either reduce employment of illegals or increase tax rolls of the government. You would think they would go ga ga over an idea like that.

How about sending ICE to all the day labor pick up sites. You can't go to a home improvement store without getting swarmed. Pick them up haul them to a fenced construction lot and arrest them. Simple easy to manage programs that would cut down on illegals in the USA.

Remember the big rallies where thousands turned out in cities near you to protest our desire to have illegals removed? Where were the buses?

I have NO problem with legal immigration. If we need more workers here then up the quota. I do have a problem with illegal immigration. I never said it more clearly then when I wrote Where Do You Live? in 2006. It has been copied and rewritten so many times, I can't count them.

We better get a handle on it soon. The natives are getting restless.
Home Depot at standoff with laborers who swarm customers in bid for work
It won't be long before violence starts breaking out. We can't wait much longer for our government to do their job.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never understood the great difficulty some people have with this. Especially with criminals. When you find them, ship them out somewhere, anywhere, but here.

Back a while ago, we got to the scene of an accident (EMT) only to find that nobody spoke English. One of them got arrested and it was a joke trying to find out any information from him. Why would it have been difficult to ship him and the people in his car, out on a plain, truck, whatever! Someone just has to have the balls to take this issue and address it once and for all. Without all this PC crap clouding their judgment.

5:04 PM, March 10, 2009  

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