Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Napolitano, Just Another One

Go ahead add her to the list of nuts Obama has surrounded himself with over the years. I tried to warn you that BO was a left winged loon and that his association with hard leftists will be a disaster to our nation. He just can't help himself.

Character does matter! We have a president of poor character who has friends of even lessor character. I'll pause while you run down the list in your mind........

Now, can you think of anyone he associated with who is of good character? You may need to take a few days on this one. I won't bother waiting.

I don't think he has appointed anyone who hasn't insulted this nation in some form. So I really can't be surprised over the leaked report from DHS. This is exactly the kind of thing I would expect from this administration. While others are running around acting surprised and getting their undies in a bundle, I simply see it as par for the course. BO doesn't like America or its constitution and has told you so quite plainly. You as a nation elected him to president anyway and to make matters even worse, we got Hillary as well. Now we are going to have a fit over what would be obvious to his past persuasions?

All we can do is hold our politicians feet to the fire and hang on tight. Write, call, email and fax as often as possible. Attend any and every conservative function to both remind you your not alone and to remind them how alone they really are. The TEA Parties went a long way. We got their attention and they know it is possible for us to get the votes to put them out on the street. We need to orchestrate similar reminders over the next couple of years. Nothing beats a red hot iron in the back of your mind when you go to vote on that next bill.

It's our job as citizens to hold our elected officials accountable. We have done a pretty lousy job over the last 30 years so we have a lot of ground to make up. Don't close your eyes and go back to sleep, we are all needed to save this nation.

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Blogger cary said...

You said "Par for the course" - that reminded me of a saying my pastor has - "Remember, 'PAR' stands for People Are Retarded - everyone , everywhere, has something they are stupid about and won't or can't admit to."

I think we all know what Obama is retarded about - his choice of supporters!

9:39 AM, April 21, 2009  

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