Monday, July 06, 2009

It Is Still Stealing

Oh, they will paint a pretty picture or tell you a story of doom and gloom, but at the end of the day all they really did was take your money. That is what has been going on in DC for decades. They no longer do the job that we the people sent them there for. Our political system is all about power and wealth. It is about placing yourself in a position to gain more power and wealth. Cap and Tax, I mean, Trade, is all about doing nothing for the purpose claimed but reeling in a ton of doe. More money means more power and this is how they plan on doing it.

Here is a great article that will spell it out pretty clear for you.
H/T to HeavyHanded for pointing it out.

More tax oppression

Why did a bare majority (219-212) of the members of the U.S. Congress vote for the largest tax increase in American history this past Friday, under the claim it was a vote to save the climate?

Before you answer the question, consider the following facts. The proponents claim this tax bill will reduce U.S. carbon dioxide emissions, which are purported to cause global warming. First, despite the claims of President Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and many in the media, there is no consensus in the scientific community about how much climate change, other than the normal cycles, is taking place, nor how severe it will be, and how much man-made CO2 is responsible. None of the climate models predicted the unexpected global cooling of the last decade.

It is known that the legislation will have a negligible effect on global CO2 emissions, particularly since the big polluters, such as China and India, are not playing ball. It is also known that the "cap and trade" system that the legislation calls for has been a failure in Europe, where it has been in operation for the last few years, in that it has proven to be far more costly than envisioned, has not met the CO2 reduction targets, and has been highly susceptible to corruption and abuse.

In addition, because the legislation requires Americans to use more inefficient energy (wind and solar) sources, it cannot help but raise costs for American businesses and citizens, and hence will kill jobs rather than create them (as contrasted to what Mr. Obama and Mrs. Pelosi have incorrectly claimed).

In sum, serious people understand the legislation will hurt the U.S. economy, reduce the standard of living and yet not accomplish its claimed intent; therefore, why were so many members of Congress willing to vote for it?

Are they idiots, or do they have another agenda?

You may want to read the rest.

Once again we are trying out things that don't work. Correction, things that have clearly been proven to not work. Our leadership is busy wasting time and money at our expense. I hope you are making yourself heard. I know I am writing regularly to my Representatives. I feel like I am pounding my head against a post, but it is high time that we as citizens step forward and make ourselves heard. Don't allow them to do business as usual politics. Take back our nation as our Constitution clearly lays before we the people.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find myself more and more lately really, worrying about the future of this country. Goals and visions are wonderful if they are not done at the expense of our hard working citizens. Do they not realize that we are barely hanging on. By the skin of our teeth. Fix the economy, fix health care and put the global warming where it deserves.

7:44 PM, July 06, 2009  
Blogger Joe said...

Thank you for the visit to my blog and the comment.

Exclusive knowledge of what constitutes "the common good" is the hallmark of every despot, dictator and Marxist/Communist who has ever forced his way into power.

I believe that defines the leadership of President BO and his congress.

Like the Golden Rule (He who owns the gold makes the rules), President BO, et. al. are confiscating more and more of our earnings in order to make more and more rules for us; ie: to obtain more power and control for themselves.

7:55 PM, July 06, 2009  

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