Tuesday, August 04, 2009

America Needs Jobs

I have talked about business and the various factors that keep it going. Today I want to point you to a petition that demands real change to put America back to work. Americans are suffering today and by all signs it will be quite a while before the job market can restore the losses. There is a solution. So far our fearless leader hasn't stumbled across it, so I would like your help pointing it out to him and the congress critters who can do something about it.

American Solutions has proposed a four step plan that could turn our unemployment numbers around. It could turn our business activity around. It could put America back to work and Americans back on the road to recovery.
1. Cut the Payroll Tax in Half for 2 Years.
2. Abolish Taxes on Capital Gains.
3. Reduce the Corporate Tax Rate.
4. Abolish the Death Tax.
Go read the details and sign the petition. Let's put America back to work.

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Blogger Tom said...

Never happen - the politicians want our money to pay for their "pet projects"

5:20 PM, August 04, 2009  
Anonymous JMB said...

Well if this petition doesn’t work, it sure as hell won’t be because I had neglected to sign it.

5:36 AM, August 05, 2009  
Anonymous JMB said...

OOPS! Maybe I should not have signed that petition, because, after I had signed it, this unexpectedly popped up on my screen…

If you are a small business owner or self-employed please consider signing our letter to President Obama and members of Congress requesting that they use the unspent stimulus dollars to reduce the payroll tax by 50% so that small businesses can use the money to hire new employees, purchase equipment, and invest in research and development for more competitive products.

Maybe its just me, but this other petition smells a little funny.
Why would anyone in their right mind want this federal government to spend the money, that they have not, as yet spent, on bullshit, to make up for the other money, that they will not have, to spend on other bullshit. lol

6:53 AM, August 05, 2009  
Blogger Joe said...

I agree and I signed.

I did not get the message that JMB got.

5:08 PM, August 05, 2009  

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