Wednesday, August 12, 2009

If You Don't Know The Facts, You Best Stay Quiet.

I recently had an anonymous libber come by from California to extol the virtues of government healthcare in Canada and the UK. I doubt they have came by to read my rebuttal because the drive by shoot off your mouth type never stick around long enough to get handed there butts when they are shown to not know anything but partisan BS.

To be fair, I will offer up evidence to the points I sited. To my amazement Deroy Murdock over at must have had the same need. So instead of writing my sister in London, my friend in Scotland, or my friend in Montreal, I decided to use this great article as evidence.

Government Medicine Should Horrify Americans
By Deroy Murdock
Imagine that your two best friends are British and Canadian tobacco addicts. The Brit battles lung cancer. The Canadian endures emphysema and wheezes as he walks around with clanging oxygen canisters. You probably would not think: "Maybe I should pick up smoking."

The fact that America is even considering government medicine is equally wacky. The state guides health care for our two closest allies: Great Britain and Canada. Like us, these are prosperous, industrial, Anglophone democracies. Nevertheless, compared to America, they suffer higher death rates for diseases, their patients experience severe pain, and they ration medical services.

Look what you're missing in the U.K.:

* Breast cancer kills 25 percent of its American victims. In Great Britain, the Vatican of single-payer medicine, breast cancer extinguishes 46 percent of its targets.

* Prostate cancer is fatal to 19 percent of its American patients. The National Center for Policy Analysis reports that it kills 57 percent of Britons it strikes.

* Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development data show that the U.K.'s 2005 heart-attack fatality rate was 19.5 percent higher than America's. This may correspond to angioplasties, which were only 21.3 percent as common there as here.

* The U.K.'s National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) just announced plans to cut its 60,000 annual steroid injections for severe back-pain sufferers to just 3,000. This should save the government 33 million pounds (about $55 million). "The consequences of the NICE decision will be devastating for thousands of patients," Dr. Jonathan Richardson of Bradford Hospitals Trust told London's Daily Telegraph. "It will mean more people on opiates, which are addictive, and kill 2,000 a year. It will mean more people having spinal surgery, which is incredibly risky, and has a 50 per cent failure rate."

* "Seriously ill patients are being kept in ambulances outside hospitals for hours so NHS trusts do not miss Government targets," Daniel Martin wrote last year in London's Daily Mail. "Thousands of people a year are having to wait outside accident and emergency departments because trusts will not let them in until they can treat them within four hours, in line with a Labour [party] pledge. The hold-ups mean ambulances are not available to answer fresh 911 calls. Doctors warned last night that the practice of ‘patient-stacking' was putting patients' health at risk."

Go Read the statistics on Canada.

I know the religious zealot of BO believers will never change their ways, but it only takes the other 80% of Americans to turn this nation around and right the wrongs being pursued by congress. No we aren't backed by the likes of George Soros but real Americans have always stepped up when Freedom was in danger.

H/T to Mike's America

Please view my post below to better understand the strength we have as the American People.

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Blogger Joe said...

Yes! We need to innundate the powers that be with every form of communicative torture there is, that is: letters, emails, phone calls, rally attendance, visits to our reps' offices and protests on the street until they get the message...GET OUT OF OUR LIVES!

1:44 PM, August 12, 2009  

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