Monday, September 14, 2009

He Who Lies Most

Joe Wilson has apologized; Obama has not. And when it comes to calling your opponents liars, Obama has no peer. He did so Wednesday night repeatedly. He previously held a conference call with liberal faith groups and accused his opponents of “bearing false witness.” He has told falsehoods about his own plan, repeatedly and shamelessly. As he has done so, he has not only taken the glow off his “Hope, Change” campaign mantra, he has diminished his office. That is a loss not only for his political team, but for all Americans.

That is the closing Paragraph to a great article written by Ralph Reed. BO repeatedly lied and this article does a great job of pointing out the lies and explaining the issues.
Read Obama’s Congress Speech Full of Lies

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Blogger Left Coast Rebel said...

The total truth, the entire Wilson flap is such a ridiculous transparent distraction being used by the Left. Thanks for visiting LCR too.

5:02 PM, September 15, 2009  

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