Thursday, September 03, 2009

Making the Dollars Count

There has been a lot of talk about advertisers and how they choose where and when to advertise. The big issue lately seems to be about Glen Beck and his various programs both Television and Radio.

I like to talk briefly about advertising and making the most of your advertising dollars. Most companies rely on advertising as the basic means for exposing their product or service to the general market. Carefully crafted messages that gain the interest of the viewer/listener are created to place your item in the best possible light. The goal of these clever peices is to bring more customers and sales to your business. We will see the use of humor and celeberty
promotion as the most common means of getting the word out.

With that said, a good advertiser will look for ways of getting the greatest exposer for the cheapest cost. The ideal market has some form of dependant relation to what you are selling. If you sell tires then an auto race may be your best choice. If your sales are more topic neutral, then anywhere and anytime could be advantageous to you. Choosing the largest audience will generally net you the biggest sales growth.

In Glen Beck's case, he has the biggest audience by far. If you want to get your name and product out to the masses, this would be a great fit. In the last 20 years this basic strategy of advertising has made a few changes. We are now seeing more customer involvement as to where we advertise. Originally, there were moral boycotts and brand bashing for supporting over-the-top programs or events. These moral boycotts became very popular and successful. Today we are seeing people suggesting boycotts for any number of reasons. Some trivial others significant. The question that begs to be asked is, when should you avoid the best possible exposure.

As an American we celebrate free speech and religious freedom. Yet, it seems that these freedoms are what are being attacked through advertising. Instead of challenging the topic of the speech, we are seeing attacks on private parties who simply want to achieve success. We currently see companies standing the advertising model on its head to avoid these negative attacks.

With the current polarization of our political climate, no company can stand in the middle. In the electronic information age you can no longer play both sides and get away with it.

I find this level of intimidation and harassment incredible. The entire world doesn't need to have some kind of line drawn through it.

Seems we are so busy dividing that nothing is getting done. And what does get done wasn't done right or worth doing.

If your an advertiser, take advantage of high exposure and drive more customers to your business. If you don't like what the program contains stop watching it. Your part of the ratings numbers too. Your obsession has brought the advertisers here and now you want to punish them for going where your leading.

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