Monday, October 19, 2009

Choose Your Battle Wisely

That expression has been an important part of my life. Some battles need to be won in a direct and open forum while others can be waged in subtle non confrontational methods. Great care needs to be taken when deciding what method best suits the issue. In many cases, agree to disagree and move on. Future facts and information may better win the issue at hand.

The White House doesn't seem to think the subtle method is the right option for FOX News. They have gotten out the heavy hitters. Apparently meeting the needs of your general in the theatre of operation in Afghanistan isn't as high a priority as battling FOX News. Our economy is in the tank and our unemployment is at near record levels, but which battle is the White House taking on with its full force?

Ironicly, the white house is trying to use FOX's competition as a tool in the battle. They obviously are oblivious of the fact that one day they too could be in the target scope. The second and perhaps even funnier note is the combined veiwership for all the other news networks don't match the outreach of FOX. With that level of reach, FOX is even promoting the White House message and disarming it with finesse.

Looks like another poor choice for our President and his advisors. Add this one to the list. Even liberal Veteran White House reporter Helen Thomas on Monday advised the Obama administration to stand down and avoid further fighting with Fox News and its correspondents. Perhaps the Pide Piper of Politics is starting to loose its grasp.

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Blogger TexasFred said...

Choose Your Battle Wisely


Once in a while I tend to piss folks off, and honestly, sometimes I don't mean to, but I have at least 100 emails a day, and many are begging me to write about this and write about that, and the topics are all over the map...

You have to focus. That doesn't mean you can't venture out of the *box* but there are some stories that just don't capture MY attention, and for me to write a post, in MY typically passionate fashion, I have to be into it..

Obama needs to take care of being POTUS and leave the rest alone...

5:50 PM, October 19, 2009  
Blogger Joe said...

Throughout history despots have failed to understand why they are disliked and why it is wrong to try to silence those who dislike them.

They are so wrapped up in their own need for recognition and power that they cannot see the damage they cause and may even believe in the depth of their being that they are doing the right thing.

This is where President BO is on his quest to rule the U.S.

He may not even be aware that he is headed in that direction, but his lack of realization won't slow him down a bit.

In the name of "helping," he will take over this then that until he is the head of all there is.

And we will let him.

1:47 PM, October 21, 2009  

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