Thursday, October 15, 2009

It Isn't Over Yet

The healthcare debate rages on. Plan after plan have been discussed and morphed into crazy schemes. I know I have spent way too many hours reading and sifting through everything I can find on the subject. Let's see if we can break this down to some basics.

Less then 1/3 of doctors like the plan (I am never told which plan.)

The Unions are for the plan because it sets up well for them to unionize the whole group. (They forgot how little control this really gives them to negotiate. Remember when all the flight controllers were fired?)

Drug companies hate the plan. (It will cut research and growth in the industry by 70%. All those future cures that we have been waiting so desperately for, you can kiss good-bye.)

Anyone with a research dependent disease should be against this plan. (New Treatments and medical advancements will be deemed experimental and wont be covered.)

Creating a completely new system and the bureaucracy to run it will exceed all cost estimates. (When has a government program not cost more then originally proposed?)

45% Of Doctors Would Consider Quitting If Congress Passes Health Care Overhaul. (I have already posted the fact that there are more lawyers per capita then doctors. How will things get better with far fewer?)

Cuts in Medicare will help pay for this. (The program that is becoming the most liked is about to be axed causing many to have to change their entire health care system.)

Cutting waste, fraud and abuse from Medicare will pay a substantial portion of the cost. (If the government knew how to do this why didn't they do it up till now? If waste, fraud, and abuse was cut from all areas of government we would probably see a net drop in government spending by 20%. Read the White House Plan to get a good laugh.)


We could go on and on here. The size of the bills and the number of changes they are trying to make at one time is out of control. There is little to no considerations made for what these changes cause and effect will be and what plan if any will be put in place to contain changes that are detrimental to the programs. Very few of the changes are revenue neutral and many will come with increase costs after initial action is taken.

Let's stop fooling ourselves that these ideas have even the vaguest of chance at improving our healthcare system and focus on the known and fixable problems. Go back and read Understanding the Healthcare Debate, and think through the issues. Do we want a whole new system with entirely new problems to fix along with a government program that will be slow and burdensome on the people?

Advanced Reading:
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Blogger Tom said...

The idea that cutting waste and fraud in the system would be enough to finance a new system would be laughable if it were not so serious.

Since when do Americans think we can have something for nothing?

The biggest boom of the middle class and social/materalistic progress happened when tax rates were twice as high as they are now.

Personal and business growth and financial success can happen within a high tax economy.

What kind of society and services do we want and are we willing to pay for it?

After Reagan cut taxes by 40% (or more) we went from a 1 triollion dollar debt which took us 200 years to build up, to a 5 trillion dollar debt just 8 years later.

It truly is simple, spend more than you take in, and bankruptcy is just around the corner.

The question is why are we no longer willing (as our parents generation did) to pay to be the best country in the World?

Give Americans the opportunity of financial success, and they can pay for their own services.

It's no wonder we have to resort to social programs to purchase services when people can no longer afford to pay for those services on their own.

3:10 PM, October 15, 2009  

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