Saturday, December 26, 2009

What Are They Doing?

The Senate passed its version of Healthcare. There was a lot of posturing and back room deals. Did Americans win or lose?

The healthcare industry has been estimate at one sixth of our total economy. The size and continued rising costs made this a hot button for many years. Americans from every walk of life have been staggering under the weight of medical costs. They begged for some relief and many looked to congress to provide it.

Has anyone seen anything in these bills that will actually produce the results the people asked for? Here are the key points that would make healthcare cheaper.

Cost of Illegal Immigration to our healthcare system
Tort Reform - Frivolous and Record Breaking Awards
Education and Personal Health Responsibility
Freeing up Health Professionals to Deal with actual Health issues
Doctor Availability and the lack of new doctors entering the market
3rd party payer healthcare places incentives in the wrong area (HMOs and the real cost)

Reality is that the current bills passed by both houses don't do anything to contain costs or (What we really need.) reduce the cost to Americans. Instead we have regulations and manipulation of the marketplace that may eventually end up in cost overruns and future bailouts to fix the system that wasn't really broken in the first place. Not once were the issues above addressed in any real way that would actually reduce the burden on the healthcare system and in turn reduce the cost. If congress would have focused on enticing more of our finest into the medical field the issue of coverage and doctor availability would have solved itself in the ten year projections given to the current nightmares going before congress now.

I know Americans want something done about healthcare. Each and everyone of us feel the pain of costs and access, but does anyone honestly think that these bills and the compromises that will take place meet the needs we so desperately need met? We are looking at increases in bureaucracy and regulation that will change every area of healthcare for the worse.

It isn't too late. You can write or call your representatives and let your position be known. You still have the final say at the ballot box. They haven't taken that from you yet.

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