Sunday, January 03, 2010

Too Bad Tom Didn't Survive as Our Candidate

I was a big Tom Tancredo supporter for president. He has a much clearer view of the problems in the US. Our current president doesn't appear to have a clue about most issues we face. Tom wrote a opinion piece about Iran. Give it a fair read.

Obama: AWOL in Iran crisis

It is now abundantly and painfully clear that President Obama is clueless about America's national security interests in this dangerous world.

Obama is playing golf in Hawaii as the Islamist regime in Tehran shoots protesters in the streets and admits it has beaten to death scores of other protesters taken to jail. Obama's silence in not voicing support for the protesters is deafening.

Anyone who has watched events unfold in Iran over the past three months can see that the street protests have evolved from a protest against a stolen election to a wider protest against the regime itself. The protests are not only taking place in the capital but in major cities all across the country. The most recent protests featured banners and shouts aimed at America: "Obama, which side are you on?" is a chant heard often. Unfortunately, that's a good question.

Since the revolution in 1979 that overthrew the pro-Western shah, Iran has pretended to be a democracy, but its "fundamentalist regime" slowly concentrated power in the hands of radical clerics. So, Iran now pretends to be a democracy, and the world pretends to believe it. Last October, the regime pretended to have a presidential election but overplayed its hand by stuffing the ballot boxes.

In the last 27 years, over 120,000 citizens in Iran have been killed by the regime, executed after sham trials or simply shot or beaten to death in prison without benefit of a trial. The street protests are escalating because millions of Iranian citizens have decided they have no other recourse. The question is not, what do Iranians want? The question is, is the civilized world listening? Is Obama listening?

Go Read the rest.

We the people are forced to take a more active roll in directing our government. We somehow managed to vote an entirely incompetent group into office who needs to be lead around before they do something stupid. I have got plenty of evidence to prove they will head to stupidity very quickly if we don't constantly give them guidance through letters and calls.

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Blogger Joe said...

The trouble with this bunch is the color of their tinted glasses.

If I write, "You bunch of incompetent imbilciles! Why can't you see that your stupid policies are destined to be the ruin of everything America ever has been, is now or ever will be?"

Their response will be, "See, he likes us," and they will go on doing that which they know not how to do.

11:29 AM, January 05, 2010  

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