Saturday, February 20, 2010

Glenn Beck Knows

I loved Glenn's Speech. Personal passion and real American patriotism shown through. He gets it. Do You?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I get it, ya know If this farce called Healthcare reform passes , the American people will squash all those who voted for it. If it fails, Obama will show his true colors and be revealed for the fraud that he is. Either way, the Democrats are finished. The Republicans aren't really much better. They could stop this entire process any time they want. There are rules in place that prohibit just this sort of takeover by one party. Especially when dealing with unconstitutional l bills such as health reform.
Deliver us from saviors. Most of the time they turn out to be thieving, sticky-fingered, bloodsucking predatory humanitarian parasites. If I wanted to be ruled by such a gang of Democrat thugs, I'd go down to my local 99-cent store and buy a bag of 'em

8:08 AM, February 24, 2010  
Anonymous kadmiel@ Israeli Uncensored News said...

obama is a such a charismatic speaker with truly great oratory skills, but its not enough for being good president, i dunno if democrats will go back to white house but i am sure that until things will just go back to normal usa will already get the serious damages from the policy of current government ...

1:14 PM, March 04, 2010  

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