Friday, May 28, 2010

Healthcare Still Losing Traction

The American people stood up and told our representatives that we don't want the healthcare they were determined to pass. You saw people attending meetings and gatherings attempting to sway their political leaders into stopping this bill. To no avail, the bill was passed.

The Obama Administration assured politicians that the opposition would pass. That people would warm up to the bill as more is learned about it. Instead, the more the people learn the stronger the opposition has become.

The Political Class continues to be a strong supporter of the plan, however. While 67% of Mainstream voters believe the plan will be bad for America, 77% of the Political Class disagree and think it be good for the country.(Rasmussen Polling)

This vast disconnect is causing a major shift in how people are seeing their leaders and the upcoming elections. Right now, the Healthcare Bill is facing a 63% desire to repeal it. We are finding that the more we learn the less we like the bill. Recently the Political Class has been pointing to how this bill will be a boon to insurance companies by requiring all to buy insurance. What hasn't been noted is that the requirements of the plan force such detailed and inclusive insurance policies that many will not be able to afford it. We have recently noted large companies pointing to the increased costs they will have to pay under the plan. Everyone knows that increased costs means greater unemployment and higher product costs. Not only are we facing the personal burden of cost increases for healthcare, we are also facing increased costs for products we commonly use and need.

Wasn't the key issue moving this before congress in the first place the ever increasing cost? We all wanted cost containment and preferred cost reductions in healthcare. Instead, we got even greater cost for healthcare and everything else we use or buy. This is not the plan America wants and it needs to be repealed as soon as possible.

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Blogger Joe said...

I got a brochure from Medicare explaining my "benefits" that will kick in by 2014 (I'm 68 with a bad heart...what do I care?) What was touted was miniscule. What is actually going to happen was not addressed.

I wonder why.

I hope it does a lot more than lose traction...I hope it slides down the hill into the landfill.

7:30 PM, June 01, 2010  
Blogger tha malcontent said...

Lots of luck Joe. This Obama catastrophic Bill is BAD! The Dems knew it, Obama knew it.

12:24 PM, June 16, 2010  

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