Friday, June 25, 2010

They Will Try Anything

Since the law was passed in Arizona, I have heard innumerable arguments as to why it is wrong. I have seen boycott after boycott trying to damage or punish all the American citizens who live in Arizona. We have even heard bold statements from the Obama Administration seeking to challenge the new law. (We also know none of them have read it.)

The law simply forces all agencies of the state to uphold and enforce federal immigration law. Thats right, these people are complaining about a state who is actually enforcing the federal laws on the books. They didn't create any new laws or change the intent and purpose of any of the federal laws. They simply made it mandatory to enforce them.

This is a great law and other states are looking to adapt it as well. In fact, five states are seeking to do that right now. Five states - South Carolina, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Michigan - are looking at Arizona-style legislation, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. The group said lawmakers in 17 other states, including Texas, had expressed support for similar measures.

The haters hate this law so much they are trying other tactics. I found this guy who sees the law as anti-business. Others may argue that this is pro-business. As the boycotts cause cancalations, many are reporting as many as four or five reservations are coming in per one lost. Soon we should see unemployment numbers fall as Americans find work where illegals once held.

The law is working illegals are leaving. Pearce disagreed that the Arizona economy will suffer after illegal immigrants leave, saying there will be less crime, lower taxes, less congestion, smaller classroom sizes and shorter lines in emergency rooms. Boycotter's and sanctuary cities on the other hand are experiencing the opposite.

Arizona is on the Mexican/US border. I need to point this out because apparently there are those who don't know this and don't understand the scope of the problem.

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Blogger Tom's Place said...

If the illegals are leaving, then the law is actually having some success. Good!!

5:00 PM, June 26, 2010  

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