Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bernanke Knows What We Need

With the Obama Administration passing mega bill after mega bill, everyone wonders what they will have left. The Bush Tax Cuts will expire and the Obama tax burdens are still being tabulated, will business have any money left to actually do business?

Bernanke Urges Congress to Renew Bush Tax Cuts

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke dropped a major bombshell on Democrats seeking massive new revenues to narrow the deficit, announcing Thursday that he favors preserving the Bush administration tax cuts in order to help a faltering U.S. economy.

“In the short term I would believe that we ought to maintain a reasonable degree of fiscal support, stimulus for the economy,” Bernanke told the House Financial Services Committee. “There are many ways to do that. This is one way.”

Bernanke's statement put him directly at odds with White House officials and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who favors raising taxes on wealthy Americans by letting the tax cuts the Bush administration passed in 2001 and 2003 expire.

Bernanke's views also conflict with those of his predecessor, Alan Greenspan, who just last week told Bloomberg TV's Judy Woodruff that lawmakers should allow the Bush tax cuts to expire as scheduled at year's end.

Greenspan conceded however that doing so probably would slow growth.

Bernanke emphasized the importance of giving the economy a boost. But he also told the House that dealing with the deficit, which has ballooned during the Obama administration, remains a major consideration.

“We need to be taking steps to reassure the American people and the markets that our fiscal situation is going to be well controlled,” Bernanke told the committee members. “That means that if you extend the tax cuts, you need to find other ways to offset them.”

Bernanke's comments came on a day when the Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped 201 points, in part on reports of strong corporate profits.

But the markets were also encouraged by the news that two more Senate Democrats — Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., and Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Neb. — are joining the growing number of voices urging an extension of the tax breaks enacted under the Bush administration, in order to stave off the possibility of a double dip recession.

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My Favorite Quote From the Article:
Neil Cavuto said the market's reaction was telling. "Don't you find it a tad odd that among the many reasons the Dow soared more than 200 points today was this talk that some Democrats want to delay the tax hike for the rich. Telling, don't you think? Government stands down," he said, "stocks shoot up."

Doing what will work seems to still escape the great one.

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Blogger Joe said...

"Doing what will work seems to still escape the great one."

As does just about everything else.

4:14 PM, July 24, 2010  

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