Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Solution to the Oil Spill

Our sit around and pass the blame administration should be jumping at the chance to rid themselves of this problem. Well here is the solution.

The only issue I see now is recognizing that is private industry and not government mandates that have provided the solution. How does a president of "government has the solution" accept the fact that it doesn't? Will he continue to sit back and push blame around or will he take a large swollow of pride and take the solution? The problem is only getting worse while we wait. And Wait.......

More animals are dying.
More businesses are dying

Still Waiting.........

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jim

I heard on the radio today that there are currently over 3,000 oil well caps, that have been left abandoned, at a depth of 5,000 ft.

Are these caps made out of quality stainless steel? Or are these 3,000 Titanic humane mistakes that our future generations might have to deal with someday?

The BP cap that I saw looked like it had been painted.

5:26 AM, July 20, 2010  

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