Friday, October 08, 2010

Solving World Poverty

We can't bring them here. So let's help them where they are.

Open boarders and mass immigration will never solve the problem of the world, unless the goal is to make us ultimately equal to them in there current state. You cannot continue to pour people into our nation and expect it to keep up the same standards.

To make matters worse, the more you bring in the poorer our nation becomes and the less we can help others. The United States gives to the world more then all the other nations of the world combined. If there is a major catastrophe some where in the world, we will be there giving aide and helping them put back the pieces. Friend or foe, when the chips are down, Americans will be standing ready to help. Once America is lost politically or through immigration poverty, who will fulfill our role? Who can be anywhere in the world with all the necessities; food, clothing, shelter, medical, equipment and money, in 24 hours or less?

Don't let amnesty and the various tales or woe, destroy the very salvation so many depend on all over the globe.

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