Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why We Can Say NO to Higher Taxes

Let me First Thank Joe for Pointing out this video.

In multiple blog entries I have discussed the fact that the tax burden on American business and its citizens has been too high. No one seems to want to discuss the fact that the average tax rate prior to 1905 was 5%. Could you imagine your family's condition if your tax burden was back at that level? Can you imagine the growth and expansion of business and industry? We as a nation would be the most desirable place on the planet to locate a business. Rather then companies bolting from our shores, they would be lining up to enter. No longer would employment be a problem of finding a job. It would instead be finding enough employees to fill all the available jobs. (current combined state and federal taxes on business average 42%.)

Don't let the democrats and the ruling elites try to further stifle you and your efforts as a free people. Don't make the assumption that the republicans are looking out for you either. Choose the most conservative, constitution loving candidate who knows what it takes to meet a payroll in a business setting. Stay after them and keep them focuses on serving their constituents and restoring our nation.

If you thought you weren't needed after November, think again. This is going to take four or five election cycles and a lot of input from you and I as citizens, to start seeing things turn around. We can't let them govern without input again.

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Anonymous tapline said...

Ablur, I tried to post here and lost both messages. The last one was an epistle. Anyway,,,great post..I feel that this flat tax coupled with the abolishing the Depart of Agriculture, Education and the EPA would greatly enhance our bringing spending under control and allowing unfettered growth and remove roadblocks to industry such as coal..Coal that can be converted to coal oil to replace gasoline from oil...During WWII the germans used coal oil for their automobiles, I believe,,,so why can't we only clean it up a little......stay well...

6:52 AM, October 11, 2010  
Blogger ablur said...

Tapline - I'm sorry about the post. Blogger does have its disadvantages. I tend to copy to my clip board before posting just in case.

We are flush with coal and oil here in America, but we can't tap into our own resources. We have tied our hands at every turn. The new craze over Wind energy is about to get beat up. I will probably post on this later today.

Our current political elite need a good spanking and sent to sit in a corner for a while. The adults need to step in and fix the problems. Be sure to tell everyone you know to vote.

8:10 AM, October 11, 2010  
Blogger Pamela D. Hart said...

Ablur: No, I can't begin to imagine what I'd do with what the gov't takes from me in taxes, but I'm sure I could find something to spend it on, which would help the economy, yes?

And hey, I'm a Conservative who loves the Constitution and KNOWS what it's like to meet a payroll--I did it for over 20 years. I don't think I'd get many votes though. :)

9:38 AM, October 11, 2010  
Blogger ablur said...

Pam - You got my vote.

We, the bread winners, can pick and choose how to spend our money far better then the government. For over 150 years the American citizen voted with there earnings and America flourished. In the past 80+ years the government has took our money and wielded the power to pick the winners and losers in business and we can vividly see the results today.

9:53 AM, October 11, 2010  

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