Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's Not Fair

I'm going to take my ball and go home. You guys don't play fair and I ain't going to put up with it.

The new tool of the democrats seems to be elementary and preschool standards we all grew up with. If you can't get your way, you make sure no one else can either. Play yard tactics seem to be the only thing left for the Democratic party. This is evident in Wisconsin and Indiana. I am sure it will be adopted across the US. It has become clearly evident over the years who are the adults in leadership positions.

Apparently the Democrats don't understand how serious the debt issues are for all areas of government. Their focus is only on their dream Utopian ideals that can't be fed the vast sums of cash we don't have to make them happen. They need a reality check and a serious kick in the pants. I hope those of you who have a say over keeping these children in office will make your intentions clear.

We need serious adults who desire the restoration of real American values that work. Sound fiscal disciplines in government and true freedom returned to its citizens will solve much of what ails us. The private sector has demonstrated time and time again that it can and will over come obsticals if government will get out of its way.

Here is a demonstration of that very fact in action today.

So tell the children to get back to the jobs they were sent to do. Stop running and trying to hide. These are real problems that need to be fixed. Yes, there may b e some initial pain but the future for your children is at stake. If you would like to reduce their suffering then cut the spending. It is time for everyone to live within their means, including the government.

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Blogger Perri Nelson said...

It's a shame and a crime what we can't disabuse people of the notion that J.M. Keynes was a genious.

My grandchildren will be paying for this all of their lives.

12:31 PM, February 24, 2011  
Blogger ablur said...

Generations before us have lived within their means and made this nation great on there own effort and ability. Now we have a ruling class of intellectuals who do little to merit their existence. They haven't a problem with kicking the debt down the road and spending other peoples money. Gone is the personal sacrifice and personal responsibility that we grew up with.

12:49 PM, February 24, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's simply amazing that you blast democrats and not republicans for not cutting spending.
Bush never vetoed a spending bill. The Republicans have held either the white house, or the congress for the majority since RR.
At least democrats will raise taxes. Clinton was the only President who came close to a balanced budget.
When RR cut taxes (1983) that's when the multi-trillion dollar debts started, and haven't stopped for 30 years.
Republicans had the power and did not stop spending, yet they told Americans every election since RR, that they would stop spending.
Put the blame where it belongs, with the do nothing Republican congress, which is why Americans voted them out in 2006.

10:11 PM, March 20, 2011  
Blogger ablur said...

This particular post focused on the run away democrats and the lack of their willingness to accept reality. Not once did I claim that the republicans did any better. I only pointed out that they are the only ones who seem to be awake at the present time and willing to make an effort to fix what needs fixing.

It really doesn't matter who is in office, the key issue is we can no longer accept leaders who live outside their means. We can no longer accept indebtedness as the standard of the day. We need to balance our budgets at home and in our capitals. It is time to reign government in.

Yes, there are those who may be hurt by cutting programs. It would be far cheaper to take care of this at home then heap piles of burocracy on top of the problem. Let's fix this cheap and simple through local organizations, charities and religious institutions.

10:56 PM, March 20, 2011  

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