Thursday, July 06, 2006

Could the Supremes Right the Sinking Ship

I wrote a while back What Really Caused the Slide of Our Nation. I often read and absorb information on our founding fathers. I have been caught going through law books looking at cases. In the past twenty years or so we as a nation seem to be paying a little more attention to what comes out of our court system. Many of us sit up and pay attention when the Supreme Court puts out decisions.
The SCOTUS has a land mark decision before it. A decision that could strike at the heart of the Everson -vs- Board of Education decision. This could pull the very cornerstone out from under the many decisions noted in
What Really Caused. How will the justices handle the Mount Soledad case?
Here is an article that does a fine job of putting 230 years of legal decisions under the microscope, including quotes from our founders. It lays out the way to straighten the jagged path of poor legal decisions and return some on the greatness back to our nation. Let us pray that the original intent of our founders is truly uplifted and returned to the Law of the land. Then may God once again Bless This Nation.


Blogger Debbie said...

Did you see the statue of liberty that a Memphis church built? It had a cross in one hand and scripture in the other, and Jehovah written on the crown.

Of course they are getting lots of publicity, both pro and con. Personally I think they have the freedom and right to build and display it if they want. But they spent $260,000 + to build the thing. That's a lot of money for a Christian church. It could have done so much good if spent some other way.

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