Thursday, October 12, 2006

Educated but not Wise

Time after time we are told of someones great educational accomplishments and yet we find a less then admirable ability to apply knowledge. We find people attending classes and studying material only to know nothing a few months later. How do we expect educational accomplishment to actually mean something?

Education is an activity that offers the gleaning of knowledge.
Knowledge is the ability to retain and regurgitate information when needed.
Wisdom is the ability to apply knowledge effectively.

How many people make the full leap from education to wisdom? Most of us find that we must have the opportunity to use it soon after for us to retain it. Few retain information and simply store it for future use.

What am I driving at?

Dr. Rice said something the other day that triggered this. She said, "The Palestinian people deserve a better life ... free of the humiliation of occupation." She seems to have forgotten that this has been there choice year after year. If they want to gain independence they have to show some civility. They have chosen leaders who continue to bring conflict to their nation. Yet, Rice seems to completely blitz this. Their entire culture is based around the death of others. How can anyone look to give this group a key to the world. We have witnessed time and time again haters looking for ways to act out their hate.

I will give her a pass in wanting the best for any people but I can not overlook the insanity. This is our Secretary of State. Her words mean things around the world.

Condoleezza would you please use your highly educated brain before opening your mouth?

Article that got me

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