Thursday, October 12, 2006

Will The Next U.N. Secretary-General Make A Difference?

South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon will probably be appointed on Friday. I was rather surpised to learn it was the minister form South Korea. With all the hot conflicts in the world who would guess that someone from one of the hottest would rise to Secretary-General. How much will this effect the future of the UN? As far as I am concerned anything is better then what we have. I love the three priorities:
Ban said he would have three priorities as secretary-general.
His first
priority is the make the U.N. "more efficient and effective and relevant" in
meeting the challenges of the 21st century, he said.
Secondly, he said, "I
(will) try my utmost efforts to bring the trust and confidence among member
Ban said his third priority is to use the U.N.'s limited resources
and manpower more effectively and try to reduce "the redundancies and
overlappings" in the "overstretched" organization.

Priority #1 should be tough enough let alone adding 2 and 3. I would love to hear the plan on how he will pull this off. Perhaps somebody suffering under the hot seat of a major world issue will bring more to the table. You don't expect the nut case from the north to slow down any given the new head man. Nothing beats having a real investment in a conflict as a form of motivation.

Next year should be real interesting at the UN.
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