Friday, January 12, 2007

The End of the World is Coming

Since 1947 the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has kept a clock called the "Doomsday Clock". The clock is only symbolic but it has represented the tension around the planet. They are currently considering moving us closer to the end.
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With all the termoil in the world, how close do you think we are to the end? I can't count the number of commentators who have questioned how long the US can last given our divided stand on most major issues. Yet, the clock is aimed at the whole world and the many conflicts that are escalating. Most point to the fact that the clock points to nuclear weapons as the end all. The current climate places many who want or have nuclear capability as aggressors who may push the button.
We have North Korea, who has demonstrated a small detonation, wanting a method for getting what they want. Nuclear blackmail looks like the terror of the future. This would allow small groups to weild incredible power in the global market. No longer will just a few people be at risk but vast numbers of people, probably not knowing, could be on the edge at any moment. Nuclear weapons also offer secondary consequences that could have a very long term effect on a country. Governments have to develop plans on how they will deal with these threats. We are electing leaders who will be making this decision for us. Are you comfortable with those over you elected to office to make this decision?
Countries like Iran who speak out and act out when opertunity arrises, should never be allowed to have a nuclear weapon. Anyone who thinks that Iran wouldn't use it hasn't been paying attention. Look at the number of times Iranian leaders have threatened others. Yes, the bulk of the threats are aimed at Isreal, but we and others have been on their list. With their known conection to terrorists they don't even need a high tech delivery system. We have invested millions into stopping balistic missles but our open borders make missles a thing of the past.

Once again the same issues that upset the average American are still the big issues today.

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Anonymous Christi said...

It looks like we have't learned from our mistakes as a lot of people in Washington are advocating "dialogue" with Iran and North Korea. Dialogue, threats, and even sanctions didn't stop Saddam - they won't stop North Korea or Iran either. It seems that PC has infected Washington and has wiped out their ability to take the courageous - and sometimes unpopular - steps to keep us safe.

11:46 AM, January 13, 2007  
Blogger ablur said...

Our Reps have forgotten that they are there to do the hard work of keeping this nation safe and running at optimum speed. They instead focus on popularity and staying in power. We the people seem to have memory problems as well. We keep sending the same ones back after they accomplished nothing while there the last time.

11:23 PM, January 17, 2007  

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