Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Are You With Us?

Offending article. There have been quite a few on this topic. Call this one the last straw.

I just can't believe it. If I wanted a credit card or a mortgage, I have got to jump hurdles and even give blood in order to qualify. Years of history will be reviewed with complete background checks and criminal investigations, just to qualify to fill out the application. Yet, if I am a known law breaker, who has lied, cheated and dodged my tax obligations, I can get a credit card and a mortgage. No one will do a criminal background check as long as I can maintain a checking account in good standing for three months.

Why are so many companies bent on giving special rights to those who have violated so many laws? Anyone with common sense knows that these people can run up a tab and walk with no way of tracking or penalizing their future. They simply do the basics for the required months and then get the credit. They can then go on a shopping spree and disappear. It was only fake ID in the first place, they can get more.

Why should the rest of us pay for this? It is the real American citizen who will be hit with higher fees and inability to gain credit because of these poor decisions. I really can't blame the illegal for this behavior. They have already accepted the fact that they are bad and deserve to break the law for their own desires. It is simply a habit they can't avoid. The financial institutions have failed us again in the hopes of earning some fast bucks. The S&L Bailout wasn't enough, soon the bank near you will collapse on the weight of its own stupidity and we the American taxpayer will have to pick up the tab.

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