Friday, February 09, 2007

It's Yours To Lose

The Iraq war is a constant irritation to both the republicans and the Democrats. Neither group has the solution but they both sure know which way to point the finger. I have not hid the fact that this war was screwed up from the get go. The really sad part is that none of those in power have offered anything that would fix it. I have read countless suggestions from various people and have even offered a few of my own. Yet, here we are different day same mess.

Let me suggest another interesting twist. What if the media took one month and only reported positive American and coalition results? What if the propaganda of the enemy wasn't on page one of every media outlet? In one month opinion would change and results would be plentiful. The enemy would find that they are being sucked into a quagmire were they are dying at far greater a rate then those they seek to destroy. Suddenly, all the support of the enemy would loose interest. The Iraqi people would suddenly gain hope and support for their elected government.

It would take one month of REAL American Journalism that puts America first, to turn Iraq into what it needs to be. The other journalists of various nations can continue there current road, yet the turn of tide would be dramatic. Why? The enemy is closely watching our media and our political leaders. They know that we will be giving up soon and going home. The constant negative drum beat will win the war for them. All they got to do is stay around long enough to take over when we leave. The Iraqi people fear that we will leave and so they don't want to change their loyalties or they could be placed on a hit list. These people just want to have a life free of fear and harm. They want the basics of food, clothing and shelter. They don't really care who is in charge as long as there life isn't put on the chopping block.

In spite of what really needs to be done we have the democrats staging a show of cut and run politics in Iraq as they start their march to the Oval Office. As long as Bush is in office we will be in Iraq. As long as the Dem's can get away with it they will be bolstering the enemy with constant cut and run talk. As long as the press can undercut America to put forth their political agenda they will. The enemy has many supporters.

If the Dem's do win the highest office, the war in Iraq will truly be theirs to lose.

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