Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Can We Send Them Home?

I couldn’t believe what my ears were hearing. “If we deny employment to illegal’s and run them off how will we get all the work done they do?”
They went on about how we have such low unemployment that we don’t have workers available to fill over 13 million jobs. They were sure it would cause a severe decline in American business.

Let me set the record straight. Let us look at some of the issues that removing this vast labor force will have on American business and workers.
First there would be a sudden need that will once again introduce competition into the labor market. Employers will have to offer more than a job to gain applicants. We would see a return of benefits and increases in payroll. Employees would suddenly have a higher value and employers would have to do more to keep those they have.
In the early stages the loss would seem dramatic but the number of employees needed in every job category would shift dramatically when the need to serve a smaller populace adjust or corrects the real employment need. Schools as an example are estimating that 10-25% of students are illegal. The vast sums of money given to this highly inefficient body will finally exceed the need. (Not that this doesn’t need a reality check to begin with.) Imagine how it would change many other areas of business.
If we looked at all the public services that now won’t be used, the government may suddenly have an excess in taxes. The national debt would be a good choice. (I know they don’t ever plan on actually reducing our taxes.) This would be a large plus to all American citizens.

Second, unemployment is based on those actively seeking work not on those who actually would work or could work given the right incentive. The market will draw people into it that have chosen to retire early or simply stop trying due to the value of the reward. It may be a wild thought, but it may even pull people in off the dole given the increased incentives that employers would put forth to gain employees.

The real question is how much does this illegal labor pool create the very issue they are supposedly here to save us from. Their very presence forces increases in the labor pool around America. If we really need more workers in America we have a system for getting them. The US grants citizenship to over 1.25 million foreigners every year. It grants work visas to millions more. We have systems and laws on the books to deal with all these issues, all we need to do is put the laws to work.

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