Monday, September 03, 2007


I feel scared just looking at it. An eighth grader was suspended for a week for drawing this. Our school system under the rules of zero tolerance took this as a serious threat.
This was a small sketch in the margins of some math work that was done in class. Could you imagine what form of punishment he would have gotten if he had drawn a Mohammad Cartoon.
I think the writer Neil Boortz on has said it best.
Wake up folks. These are our 21st century American government schools. They aren't worth a crap (pardon the expression). They exist for one purpose, to provide jobs for government union school teachers and government administrative hacks. Deep in your hearts each and every one of you know that the private sector could be doing a better job, and you're also deeply embarrassed, even if you won't admit it, that you have turned your children over to this hideous system to be, or so you think, "educated."
There is no one entity that is more responsible for the decline of our great country than our system of government education.
Our education system needs help.

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