Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Judges Stand In The Way Of Law

I have been pounding the pulpit of following the law. I have demanded that we stop trying to reinvent the wheel and simply use what we have already in place. Finally, we get the Bush administration to move in the right direction. Now we have a San Fransisco Judge getting in the way of law.
Here is the article in question.

U.S. District Judge Maxine Chesney granted a nationwide temporary restraining order sought by the AFL-CIO and affiliated unions to keep the government from sending letters to employers demanding that they clear up workers' citizenship

It is not like these laws haven't been around awhile. We have had both entry and employment laws in reference to illegals for years. Hundreds of debates have occurred and considerations made when these laws were first written. Suddenly we need more time and assurances? As a discriminated against, second class, born and raised American citizen I want the laws we have enacted upheld. This nation was founded on the rule of law and we need to start following the laws.
My ancestors had to come through Ellis Island. They really knew back then how to guarantee the safety and health of our nation. We got in millions of immigrants and we carefully checked and processed everyone.
Now they just hike across the border and are given the keys to the country, at least they act that way. Thousands of people are murdered each year by illegals. Thousands of people are raped and brutalized each year by illegals. Banks and mortgage brokers have learned to cater to them. Credit companies solicit their business. When they fail on a loan or transaction the American tax payer picks up the tab. When they need health care, they get it immediately in our emergency rooms, paid for by the American tax payer. Food stamps, government housing, preferential treatment in business transactions and free education for all their children, compliments of the American tax payer.
The gravy train has got to stop. We need to put laws like this one in action immediately. All laws have made life difficult on a small percentage until the bugs work out. It is only a matter of time. We would be ahead financially if we offered a double your income match for work time lost for anyone who proves they were released under this law inappropriately. The one or two percent who could recover on such a plan would be a huge financial saving for we the American Tax Payer.
Let's tell this judge to back the law and let those who suffered harm sue to secure damages. This is the American way after all.

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