Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Method for Changing America

I have just read the most incredible document. I copied it to my computer. I printed out multiple copies. I plan on directing other people to it on the web as well as handing out copies to those I come in contact with.

This document will change America. I don't mean that false change, where you say what ever you have to to get elected. I'm talking real change.

The first thing this document does is confirm that we conservatives are not as alone as the media would have us believe. It actually tells you the percentage of those who agree and disagree with each statement, Line-By-Line. You don't have to wonder if a majority will back the idea, you know it immediately. My feelings of political isolation were fully removed after reading this Document.

Second, this document provides us with a focus point for instructing and making change across our nation. We can use it as a rally point that will unite and draw us as a nation closer. We can use it to define direction and establish clear policy in what has become a very muddy, divisive, self serving government. It can be restored through these words.

Go here now and read: The Platform Of The American People

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