Friday, January 18, 2008

Taking America Back

We need to stir up America and get this nation back on track. We need to call radio shows, write letters, and speak freely. Our opinion counts and we need it to count big.The media is doing all they can to tear down and brain wash Americans into becoming the next socialist republic and we need to put the brakes on. We need to bark out an "About Face" and get this nation back in line.
Let’s stop wasting more cyber-space on candidates and start pounding the issues. It really doesn’t matter who the Democins or Republicrats place in office, we need to get the people of the US of A setting the agenda. That must start NOW!

The first and most Important Issue is the border. The illegals running amok across this nation lends to almost every other issue. Some issues would totally fix themselves once the illegal problem is gone.
The War On Terror is the next big issue. To fix that, we need to stop scolding Israel and make them play nice and let them do what needs doing. We need to stop worrying about public opinion and start fighting it like a war. People Die In War. The Goal is for more of the enemy's kin to die then our own.
The next issue is Spending and Taxation. We need the government to Spend Less and Tax Less. We need a candidate who is willing to fully clean house when it comes to spending programs. Fixing the illegal issue will free up a sizable sum of cash making this very doable. Fix the Tax Issue by making the cuts permanent. I can suggest a few more cuts but I would be happy if we got this.

This isn't anything new or special, these have been the problems with America for years. We can trace our border problems back decade after decade with band-aides at best by even great presidents. I have shown in "I had Forgotten. Didn't You" that our fight with radical Islam has been going on for hundreds of years. You would be hard pressed to find an empty pork barrel in any session of congress for the last hundred years.

We the American People can stop this. We just need to wake up and realize that we are in charge. It says so in our constitution. Everyone is so busy trying to protect their individual rights we have allowed our group rights to be stolen. It is Time to Take America Back.

The above post is a combination of both new and old material I have placed on other sites around the net. You may visit these locations by following the attached links.
American Conservative Forums
Start reading and start writing and getting involved. Why not put some action behind all that complaining.

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Blogger Jo said...

Well said...and I am so ready to start fighting back.

9:11 PM, January 18, 2008  

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