Friday, May 16, 2008

The Language Rewriter's Score Again

and Society takes a huge fall.

Everyone is talking about it. You can't help but get caught up in the chaos that has now ensued thanks to the California Supreme Court.

For thousands of years Marriage has been understood to be a union between a man and a woman. It has only been in the last fifty or so years that any question has risen over the issue. Over this same period of time the erosion of language and values has gotten us to half buy into this idea. The definition and understanding of words is the very thing that holds society together. To be able to clearly speak so that real meaning and understanding can occur between parties is what makes civilization possible. In the last decade or so this fabric has been torn apart.

That really depends of what the definition of "is" is.

As words and their clarity are watered down or simply broken society is damaged. It was less then 100 years ago that two people could come together with a hand shake and conduct business without question as to ones obligation to the other. Now it takes a team of lawyers and a crate of paper to come to a simple agreement, that probably wont hold up in court because the definition of one or more of the words could have been misunderstood. This erosion of language further sets back mankind.

Some would erroneously say it is only one word, but it is more than a simple word. It is a hinge pin that defines society for thousands of years. It is a measuring stick that all other contracts can be based against. It apparently hasn't been enough that marriage has been cut by over 50% through the promotion of divorce and self gratification strategies. Now it must further be under cut by the very parts of assembly that have made it what it has always been.

Let us not forget the multitudes of other institutions that have set marriage as the highest order. We see the many who scoff at these long standing pillars of society now dancing in the streets. It is not the word but the vast sweep of casualties that have been taken by the sword swipe of this decision; Religion, Tradition, Family, etc..... No terrorist act could do as much damage as this decision made by four people who have chosen to dishonor billions of people throughout the centuries.

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