Sunday, June 15, 2008

Supreme Failure

Once again the Supreme Court demonstrates its liberal failings and its willingness to depart from it constitutional duties. The basic duty of the Supreme Court is to use the constitution and over 200 years of legal precedence to determine the legality of anything brought before it. In fairness all arguments brought before it should be well versed in law established in US courts. Yet, we see foreign law and tendencies being used as arguments.
The Court is bound under oath to seek out Constitution and American law as the soul source of its decision. It is not to use whim or fancy nor any desire of the heart as a remedy to judgment. Yet, we see just that being used in this case.
Precedence has clearly been established in the 1950 case Johnson v. Eisentrager, in which the Court ruled that non-citizen enemies had no access to U.S. courts in wartime and that when captured and imprisoned abroad, they had no right to a writ of habeas corpus in a U.S. court.

While those of us who understand the consequences of law as well as the consequences of verdict find this unbelievable the more liberal "Not My Fault" crowd are cheering in the streets. They see this as a slam against the much hated Bush and have no clear understanding of the consequences that will now come to this nation. There single minded hate will surely destroy the great nation I love.

Ponder this, many of the nations of those who are held at Gitmo don't want them back. If our court, under the rules of habeas corpus, if they must be released then the US would be their place of freedom. Are you willing to have the hardened of Gitmo released on downtown America and fully freed to carry out the actions of their heart? The court is about to fulfill the dreams of the terrorists and yet the left cheers.

Supreme Disgrace
The Gitmo Nightmare

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Anonymous JMB said...

If it is within that power of these courts, to change our Constitutions, what difference will it make to our people whether this king wears the crown of his fathers, or those robes of a judge, when these words they speak are made to be final.

Our Nations legislators now give only a tepid response and present only a surface pretense of defending their own rights to make and maintain our laws. They now do not even submit the bear minimum of what is Constitutionally required of their jobs to defend their own responsibility to represent the people.

One day these legislators throughout this Nation will realize that they have surrendered all the reasons for their own existence, and with the gallows support of our peoples posterity these mistakes will be realized and jealously defended against. This generations ignorant belief that freedom is free, will confound itself to favor absolute war, absolute division, or absolute surrender.

1:57 PM, June 16, 2008  
Anonymous ablur said...

JMB - I was so ticked off by the legal failings of this decision I had failed to notice how great the overall significants was. You are correct in your summarization that the court has usurped the powers of the legislature. Yet I hear no out cry on their behalf.
Our three branches of government have allowed the judicial branch to become the ultimate ruler as opposed to the balance of powers written in the constitution. This is apparent in both the California Gay Marriage Case as well as the Gitmo case discussed here.
The people are being trampled.

3:25 PM, June 16, 2008  
Anonymous JMB said...

Very well said Ablur

12:50 AM, June 17, 2008  
Anonymous JMB said...

I just found this and thought it might be applicable...

Where will our American citizens find, in this new form of Judicial government, any room left for a representative republic, and how prattle can any Constitution long maintain it, if itself is allowed to be reconstructed by this exclusive right of court.

1:53 AM, June 17, 2008  

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